Wendy Riddick

I completed my foundation at Shrewsbury Art School when it was first at the English Bridge. I completed my BA Hons specialising in Embroidery at Goldsmiths University. I also have a PGCE in education. 

After I finished at Goldsmiths, I moved to Worcester where I became an archeological illustrator working with predominantly iron age pottery.

I then returned to Shrewsbury in 1982 and started teaching at Shrewsbury College, where I stayed for most of my career. I have taught a variety of different subjects within art which has enabled me to gather vast experience within the industry. 

A lot of my art works are mixed media: Textiles with drawing and embroidery. I also love watercolour painting, which lead into silk painting.  Pen drawing also helps me plan out my work as it resembles marks I can make with a stitch.  

I mainly work in textiles. But, I also work with painting and drawing. A lot of my work is inspired by old buildings and the natural world. I have done a few pieces based on heritage buildings, including a screen that was part of the embroidery guild exhibition at Berrington.

I am currently working on a piece inspired by Attingham Park. I am part of the Friends Committee at the Flax Mill, a building I take a lot of inspiration from.