The ‘Guest Curator’ project

The ‘Guest Curator’ project is designed to bring in new talent and to offer an opportunity for professional development. The candidate gets the chance to build on their skills and professional experience by curating an open-submission show. The exhibition is open to anyone so it gives both local and national creatives the chance to exhibit their work. It began in 2017 and has had two phenomenal shows so far. The Directors wanted to bring in different curatorial ideas for exhibitions as well as contributions from the in-house Exhibitions Team. It began in 2017 with ‘Eden’ curated by Katie Hodson. It reached a high number of visitors, new and old alike.

‘’Fabulous to see an art centre open & in the middle of town! Some lovely work; the meadow drew me in’’.

Eden Exhibition. At Participate Contemporary Artspace. Shrewsbury.Work by: Paola Alessandri-Gray#Art#Exhibition#Shrewsbury#Artists#Gallery#Creativity#Participate.artspace#Public#Workshops#Tutoring#Drawing#painting#sculpture#textiles#photography

Posted by Participate Contemporary Artspace on Sunday, 13 August 2017
  In 2018 ‘Lawn and Meadow’ was curated by Mélissa Evans which attracted a higher footfall than the previous year despite a lower number of people coming to Riverside shopping centre. For the ideas behind the ‘Lawn and Meadow’ show please read Mel’s Curatorial Note.