Reg Cooper

My background is education, I qualified as a teacher to work with children with special needs. Like a lot of people working in special needs I often ended up filling gaps. I have always drawn and painted as a kid onwards, so I ended up teaching art. I then gained the qualifications to teach at A-level where I taught a Pottery class and Fine Art. I stayed in education and eventually became an advisor on the teaching of kids in care, before I retired. 

I work with many forms of media: I use cardboard, I paint and I draw. I have also developed my skills in life drawing, where we studied cubism. A lot of my work is inspired by the idea of building work up, developing 2D drawings into 3D art.

I have curated exhibitions both in Participate and at the Bear Step. The first was a joint exhibition put together with my son Reuben, who is also an artist here. A lot of my work is a bit dark so I always endeavour to involve myself with the halloween exhibitions. I was also involved with the Wilfred Owen edition, which finished last year.


At the moment I am developing a ‘steampunk’ 3D model of an airship as well as revisiting oil painting somewhat. I haven’t used oil since I was about 20, so it is a talent I am somewhat rediscovering.

A Day in the Life of Reg Cooper, PCA Studio Artist.