Having A Go at wood cut printing.

Wood Cut Printing #1, cutting the block.

The Participate Artspace studios are a dingy and cold place without the constant comings and goings of the artists making and creating. Like everyone else we are all stuck at home until life can move to its new normal.

Participate artist Phill Evans has decided to use his time by revisiting ways of working he hasn’t tried for, in some cases, years. In this first of two videos Phill shows us how he has tried his hand at wood cut block printing, the first video looking at the process of creating the block.

Phill says:

Printing is a wonderful, strange process. You start off with one thing, an idea or a drawing, and then you put it onto another thing, your block, and then turn it into a third thing, your print which is a reverse image of where you started.

The process of cutting away the ply is so relaxing and absorbing. I shall definitely be doing more of this!

Printing can be done with anything from scrap wood, layers of cardboard, lino or even just painting onto a sheet of Perspex and laying paper over the wet paint, even a potato or a chopped vegetable can make an interesting print! Why dont YOU have a go at home?

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