Hanny Newton

I studied at the Royal School of Needlework, where I completed my foundation degree, I then joined the 3rd year of the Contemporary Craft degree in Falmouth to finish my BA qualification.

Since I graduated in 2014, I have been working my way up to being completely self-employed. I teach around the country everything from day embroidery classes to larger workshops in places such as the British Museum, Kings College, National Trust as well as embroidery groups. My focus is to work with people from all walks of life with an interest in embroidery.

I am really interested in pushing the boundaries of embroidery, whilst still finding a balance with traditional media. For example, I often produce work with needles and pins entirely replacing thread. I like to draw as well, I like to toe the line between what might be considered drawing and embroidery. My work is quite personal, whilst it might come across as quite abstract, the themes are deeply personal in terms of emotions and feelings.

I currently have an exhibition, which started in January this year, in a coffee shop called (?) in Ironbridge. The exhibition displays some embroidery (what links it together, is there a theme?)



HannyEmbroidery.com  IG: @HannyEmbroidery HannyNewton@hotmail.co.uk