Studio Artists

Participate Contemporary Artspace CIC provides studios to 22 Artists, including the Arts collective, ArtStudio01.

Although PCA began as a physical space for artists to work, share ideas and collaborative to offer public workshops and  facilitate community participation projects, PCA is now  evolving to also include new on-line ways of offering creative platforms and connection for Artists in Shrewsbury and to create Pop-up events, workshops and exhibitions in other venues and with other cultural quarter partner organisations.

Listed below are our Studio Artists:

Keith Ashford

Nixie Catt

Rev Dan Catt

Reg Cooper

Phill Evans

Cheryl Griffiths

Niki Holmes

Jan Hunt

Jill Impey

Ashley King

Neil Manley

Michael James

Michael James Potter

Hanny Newton

Tanya Raabe Webber

Wendy Riddick

Rebecca Sarah

Liz Turner

Hollie Upton

Peter Williams