Tetra pack printing plates

Hi, I’ve been playing with tetra pack- free, used, drinks cartons, washed and cut up to make print plates for dry point, colograph and monoprint plates. It works really well & I’ve made a quick video to show the technique coming soon…….Jill Impey

Refugee Week 2020

Shropshire Imagines  

 Just imagine

Where they have come from, why they left and how they Where they have come to,

the life they lead and how they were received.

Above all, imagine

The qualities that helped them to survive.

What we can learn from them and the contribution they can make…

In Shropshire

For Refugee Week 2020 (15-21 June) we are calling on the creative people of Shropshire: Visual Artists, Crafters, Writers, Poets, Musicians & Actors to contribute something to our website that connects with this year’s national refugee week theme of Imagine.

Your response can take any creative form, it can be a new work or something you have made in the past that you feel resonates with the plight and promise of the refugees resettling here in Shropshire and elsewhere.

Due to COVID19 – the deadline is open through to the end of June – although naturally we would like some content before 15th June.

For more information and to take part please contact Niki Holmes:


For more information on the national refugee week campaign: