Liz Turner

I did an Art Foundation course in Cheltenham which enabled me to complete my BA in Fine Art at Newcastle University. I later completed my MA at London Art School where I specialised in sculpture.

When I left education, I got a job bronze casting in London, where I worked for 10 years making moulds for casting. For 25 years, I’ve been working as a public art practitioner. I’ve been working with community groups on art projects to do with their local areas, using various different materials such as stone, wood, and metals. I also make films, using photography and 3D printing.

When I lived in London I did quite a lot of work around built environments, architecture and cityscapes. Now I live in Shrewsbury my focus has turned to landscapes and how we experience spaces like that.


My work is predominately commission-based. My recent work has been in partnership with Keith Ashford, we are working on an arial sculpture for Severn Fields Health Centre in Sundorn. It’s going to be hanging in an atrium, offering a bit of privacy for a waiting area. We are also working on quite a large scale project for a park in Redditch. The project is all about creating contemporary art in landscape environments, we are working closely with community groups in the area as well as a partnership with the local FE college.