Keith Ashford

I studied at Newcastle University, completing my course with a first class degree in Fine Art. I then went on to complete a masters in Sculpture (which university).

Open the completion of my degree, I spent 10 years as a freelance sculptor, (working in..). I then moved into the world of teaching, spending 10 years teaching Design and Technology to (what age group). In the eight-or-so years since, I’ve moved back to working as a freelance sculptor which is what I find myself doing today.

My work sees the use of a variety of media, typically dictated by whoever is commissioning a particular piece. I often set a question that I might investigate through the use of video, mechanical systems, stone carving, wood carving and constructions, a whole range of different things.

Recently with recollect artists, I produced an installation for their recent commemoration of 100 years since the death of Wilfred Owen, called ’an undertaking’ installed at St. Chads Cathedral. Also, at the Theatre Severn, for the same group I have produced some (what) work that is now on display in Iron Bridge (what’s it called).


At the moment, I’m working toward a film projection project in Redditch, Worcestershire called ‘a flyover’, the project is based on films of water powered mills. Also, I have been working on making machines that do random drawings, which has some interesting potential.