Ivan Allen

I studied at Leicester Polytechnic, where I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. I specialised in illustration. For over 30 years I worked as a freelance illustrator in London. In my time there, I worked on various editorial design work such as advertising, publishing, television and video. I would have to visualise client ideas, occasionally being given raw text for which I would have to develop a visual idea to accompany an article, for example.

In my past work, I predominantly made use of traditional drawing accompanied by digital imagery. When I first started in illustration, it was simply the art of drawing. Whereas now, in keeping with the contemporary world, I scan in my drawings to develop them digitally.

I have essentially retired from that career, and I am now developing my own personal practice, working in 3D instead of 2D. I have always been interested in the concept of recycling materials. Cardboard is a good example of that; it’s easy to work with and you do not need a kiln like you would with clay. I have always had an interest in ceramics, something I have been able to explore with the repurposing of a material like cardboard.



My most recent work was produced for the 2017 Shropshire Open art  exhibition at the Gateway Arts Centre, Shrewsbury. I am still in an experimental stage with my own work. I am developing the skills I have learnt, and am adapting them to larger and larger scale projects.