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Scaffolds of Nature               

1st to 26th October 2019


Previous exhibitions


 International Postcard Exhibition

August 2nd to 24th.






 Hats off to Shoesbury!

25th June – 13th July 2019

An exhibition of Hats & Shoes created from cardboard and other materials by members of the Wellbeing Art Groups of Shrewsbury and Telford.



You, me and those who came before.

An exhibition for refugee week 2019.

Tues 18th -Sat 22nd June.





Exhibition: 1st -15th June

Enjoy seeing original works of art? Curious about how and where artists and makers work, the materials they use, and how they get their ideas? Shrewsbury is full of creative people, and the Open Studios events give you the chance to meet some of them, and see their work close-up.


With Participate artists:   Helen Sian,  Ivan Allen  &  Dea Paradisos.

Threads of Life, The Lantern Stitch Group

A wonderful group exhibition full of bright colours, patchwork quilts, paintings, applique work and so much more. Curated in partnership with the group’s teacher and Studio Artist Wendy Riddick, the Gallery’s Exhibitions Team and the artists themselves.





ArtStudio01 : New Ways

The ‘New Ways’ exhibition presented the beginning of a new era for ArtStudio01,
co-curated by Director Tanya Raabe-Webber and Producer Jennifer Gilbert. In January 2018, Tanya was awarded Arts Council England funding for a R&D project looking into Learning Disability art studios. Through a series of visits Tanya learnt about new ways of working and best practice. This exhibition, and the accompanying sharing day, showcased how this research has begun to change the lives and working practices of ArtStudio01 & its artists.

Alongside the exhibition Cameron Morgan, from Project Ability in Glasgow, will be Artist-in-Residence. This year also saw Tanya mentoring artists Joshua Henderson and Veronica Watson from Blue Room in Liverpool, and Sarah Watson from Figment Arts in Brighton.

See other previous exhibitions here on our Instagram page. 

Testimonials from our visitors:


On the ‘Art Studio 01 – Artists’ Collective’:

The exhibition is fantastic. I think you should all be extremely proud with how well it all looks as a collective body of work – Go Art Studio 01!

Upon visiting the show ‘Lost Horizons’:

’I like the poppies on the gate (painting) because I like poppies and gates – you can explore through gates. The poetry makes me look again at the pictures and reappraise them.

On the 2018 Guest Curator exhibition ‘Lawn and Meadow’:

 Interesting diversity and another ‘curated’ experience of quality! Inspiring in so many ways.

Upon visiting Reuben Amarna’s show

‘Null and Void’: Terrific.

On the ‘May Fayne’ show:

Delightful – a giggle for a tired shopper!

‘Yr Eifl Coastal Plastic’:

Very beautiful & calm exhibition.

On Reg Cooper’s ‘Positively Lazarus’ exhibition:

Positively multi-talented. Some fascinating creative ideas.

Speaking of the ‘Scour:

The hidden landscapes of Forge Mill’ show: Exploration is not dead in this town! Wonderful to be here and see this project. Thank you’’; ‘’The piece using needles to show hills/hammocks entertained me – very clever.


Really enjoyed the research project – some interesting & exciting results. Well done.

On ‘The Big Draw’:

Nice to get drawing again!

On the Craftinators’ show:

Brilliant work. A lot of hard work must of gone into the items on display. Exquisite knitting…

For the ‘Arts in Health’ exhibition

Fantastic to see such vibrant work by two talented people.

On Andrew Howe’s show ‘In Parallel’

Fantastic, Andrew! There is fascinating depth in each piece, & it all works off the other pieces. I love the layers of representation & the combination of media.

Very interesting

– livened up my Saturday!

During 2018, I had the pleasure of mentoring the artist collective recollect

anticipation of their collaboration exhibition project, An Undertaking, at St Chads Cathedral. Mentoring an arts collective in this manner highlighted the strength there is in collaboration and how it can enable a supportive and nurturing environment to empower change and development. From a curatorial perspective the benefit of being a mentor in this situation enabled a rich exchange of ideas and consideration, giving voice to the individual as well as the group. I find that mentoring artists outside of the exhibition and project programme that I curate for Oriel Davies is liberating in how it enables a sharp focus on developmental aspects of work and practice. It also allows for me to be introduced to a wider pool of artists as well as different organisations that the artists may be affiliated with.
Alex Boyd Jones, Oriel Davies Gallery Curator

For the Old Cyprus exhibition:

Thank you for making a dull day sunny 🙂



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